EYSONU Productions was established as a small business in March of 2009 by CEO and Founder Edie Young-Scales. Edie is a grandmother and has been singing since a youth growing up in St. Maurice Louisiana.  Of course the singing started in church as where most singing starts.  (Per Edie, her professional singing started as a background vocalist for  Ms. Teri S).  She married Mr. Leno Scales in 1992, who was a lead guitarist for many well known acts and who later passed away in 1995 due to injuries from a car accident.  Since then, she has sung in many choirs at the Maple Springs Baptist Church and became the Choir Director for Beyond the Veil Worship Center for five years. The initial ideal of EYSONU Productions was to provide entertainment to the local Washington Metropolitan area and by providing a platform of talented and dynamic singers who otherwise wouldn't be heard on the level which they are being heard through the productions of EYSONU.  However, since the death of a great, great nephew as a result of child abuse (Little Cameron), the vision became that which it is today; and that is to make statements of child abuse through our music hoping that this issue will become mandatory for our communities to demand that our officials make this epidemic as important to combat as they would with any other abuse situations.  We hope that you find this website useful and hope that you would contact us for all of your entertainment needs.

Our members includes, Denise Young-Treasurer/J. Denise Lay-Secretary, Steven Head, Wanda Deyo, Sheila T, Connie Sykes, Tasha Kenney and Pamela Purvis.